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Step by Step funeral planning

When a family member or close relative dies, the last thing you’ll want to do is to start making all the decisions that come with arranging a funeral. Many people leave detailed instructions about their preferences for their funeral or you may find that they have a pre-paid funeral plan, but if not you will have to decide everything from where the funeral is to be held, through to readings and music.

Arranging a funeral can be complicated at the best of times but the emotional upset that comes with bereavement can make the prospect of planning a funeral very stressful indeed. This step by step guide has been designed to guide you through the basics of arranging a simple funeral.

The very first thing you’ll need to do is to find out whether the deceased has a pre-paid funeral plan; pre-paid plans are usually held with a funeral director or with a specialist funeral plan provider. If the deceased has paid into a plan, you’ll need to locate the details as soon possible and then follow the instructions which have been left. You will also need to check whether the deceased has purchased or reserved a cemetery plot as this information will be required before you contact a funeral director.

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Make the final journey in style with unique funeral transport

niels rameckersFinding a unique form of funeral transport can be one of the most difficult aspects of funeral planning as striking the balance between a dignified journey and transport that reflects the character of the deceased is not always easy.

Luckily the range of options for unique and unusual funeral transport is increasing and this is perhaps due to an increasing trend towards funerals as a celebration of a life well lived, rather than an entirely sombre event.  When it comes to funeral transport there’s no need to assume that the dignity of the deceased will be compromised if they make that final journey in a campervan and with this in mind, the choices for funeral transport are only limited by your imagination.

The most traditional and widely used option for funeral transport in the UK remains a black hearse followed by a convoy of black limousines.  However, if you’re looking for something a little bit different but not too wacky, there are funeral transport companies who can provide a white or silver hearse and limousine fleet.

It’s interesting to note that in the UK there is no legal requirement to transport a coffin in a hearse and with this in mind, a whole host of possibilities open up.  Whether you’re planning your own funeral or making arrangements for a family member or friend, it can be helpful to think about your preferred mode of transport in life.  For example, a biker would definitely appreciate a motorcycle and sidecar hearse whilst someone with a strong interest in the past or all-things Gothic might prefer a traditional, Victorian style horse-drawn hearse, pulled by black horses wearing black feather-plumed harnesses.

For the transport enthusiast vintage lorry funeral transport could be the perfect option and there are a number of funeral transport businesses in the UK which now offer a huge range of different transport options, ranging from lorries and heavy goods vehicles, through to milk floats and vintage fire engines.  For outdoor enthusiasts a 4×4 vehicle would make a wonderful send off and it’s now possible to book funeral transport that consists of a fleet of Land Rover Defenders.  Almost any form of transport can be arranged and a simple search on the internet is a great way to find ideas and inspiration.

The alternative to arranging funeral transport through a funeral director or specialist funeral transport company is to provide the transport yourself.  As mentioned earlier in this article there isn’t a law which says that a coffin must be transported by a funeral director or hearse company and increasing numbers of people are choosing to use their own transport.  Whether it’s your own car or a friend’s farm tractor and trailer, the choice is up to you!

Whatever you choose for that final journey, provided it reflects the personality of the deceased and sets a ‘tone’ that’s just right for them; you’ll find there’s a huge range of different options available.